A green backyard with healthy and well-cared trees- isn’t that what every homeowner wants? Trimming your own trees is not only time-consuming, it can be dangerous both for you and the tree, because improper trimming can be the cause of tree disease or bug infestation. Let professionals do the job for you! At Tree Tech we are experienced and licensed to take best care of your trees and cater to any tree maintenance need you have.


Old trees that have grown too large and tall often become a problem. Not only do they cause excessive shade in your yard: they can present extra danger for your roof and power lines, especially in stormy weather. Topping is removing a part of the tree’s upper foliage so that it becomes shorter and, therefore, safer.


Untrimmed trees are a hazard, to say nothing about the aesthetics. Large branches start entangling in the lines, extend to your neighbor’s property, and just look sloppy. Trimming is what will make your yard look well-groomed again, and restore the health of your trees. We know the specifics of each species, common in Florida, and will trim your trees in a way that makes them safer without harming them.


Get a beautiful lawn with high-quality grass in virtually no time. By installing the best turf grass, compatible with Florida’s soils and climate, we ensure your lawn looks perfect. Our efficient and friendly staff can handle projects of any scope, delivering a fast and consistent result: a healthy lawn that is a treat for your eyes.

Tree Removal

Trees that are sick, dead, harming other trees surrounding them, or are affected by decay and show cracks obviously need to be removed. If some of your trees require removal, or there is storm-related damage, we are there for you to do the job as fast and safely as possible. Using specialized equipment, we will take down the tree and remove it without any risk to your property.


Storms and hurricanes do happen, and the most common damage they cause is fallen trees or large branches. If you need those urgently removed from your property, Tree Tech will take care of it. We can haul away any amount of fallen branches, trees, or debris, leaving your yard just the way it looked before the accident.


Yard cleanups are not the work you enjoy – but it needs to be done anyway. Let us take care of it and make your property impeccably clean, whether it needed cleaning after a windstorm or just a regular season cleanup. Dead leaves, small branches, or debris – we will remove all of it and make sure your property shines again.

Root Pruning

Root pruning involves severing the roots of a tree, all the way around the tree’s circumference at the drip line. This can be done by slicing down with a sharp spade. Ideally, root pruning should take place a year prior to digging and transplanting the tree.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding provides a straightforward and less abrasive stump removal process than traditional stump removal, resulting in great cost savings and eliminating damage to your lawn. Stump grinding is also much less expensive than stump removal processes and it eliminates the disturbance of the surrounding lawn area.